Robb Cohen Team | Boston

Robb Cohen Team | Boston

Robb Cohen Team | Boston

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Did you know that a survey by a large national real estate brokerage firm showed that staged homes sell in half the time? Another survey of Realtors® showed that a $500 staging investment recouped 343% of that cost!

A complimentary home staging consultation is now part of my complete marketing program to my seller clients. In response to many requests, I have exclusively partnered with the experts at Home Stagers Boston. Properly presenting your home is one of the simplest ways to assure the highest possible price. As Boston's complete home marketing specialist, I would not expect to deliver any less to my valued sellers.

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Staging is the art of preparing your home for market. A properly staged home is a property that stands out against the competition and enables a buyer to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. Potential home buyers will be looking for that “oh wow moment” even before they walk through the front door. This is the reason it is so important to show your home at its most attractive.

There is a big difference between selling and dwelling. As you may have a strong psychological attachment to your home, you may not fully appreciate hearing about a better way to show your home. But try to realize that the way you decorate to sell, may be quite different from the way you decorate to dwell. Staging throughout is important.

A professional home stager can help to market your home successfully by highlighting its positive benefits and features, often in a multi-sensory way. How a home looks (including lighting) is the visual part of the equation, but the sounds, fragrances, and textures of a home can also influence potential buyers.

There are many levels of staging. A Stage can consist of a simple internal rearrange. This is would be achieved be using a homeowners own furnishings and placing them properly in the home to give the property its maximum selling potential. A more elaborate stage might consist of recommending the incorporation of painting, cleaning, light carpentry work and the like to achieve the same goal. 

All furniture used in the staging process is hand picked and designed to highlight a homes characteristics. Not only can a trained stager offer assistance in the furniture redesign area of the home, he or she also guides the seller in all other aspects of preparing the home for market. Acting as a project manager, a trained stager will help guide the seller in addressing areas in the home that need some attention. 

With the incorporation of a team of professionals our goal is to make the home selling process as easy and financially rewarding as possible.

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